Who has a cat that can not be afraid of loneliness
Daniel Defoe

Welcome to the website of persian himalayan and exotic shorthair cats’ breeder

    My name’s Natalya Polischuk. I live in one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk. The cattery is registered in WCF. It is specialized in breeding Himalayan Persian (color - point) and exotic cats.We use blood lines of Prancenpaws, Brigantina, OakHeaven, Teach, Purringwood, Puffstaff, Benua catteries in our work.
All our pets are like our family members, they live in the atmosphere of love and care. That is why all our kittens have a lovely gentle nature, they are healthy and well brought up
We provide a full consultation on the care and upbringing of our "kids".
I would be glad if this website helps you to find out more about our pets and maybe you will find a fluffy friend for yourself.